g7master_printmedia_webWhat is G7 and what does it mean to you?

The IDEAlliance Committee, began in 1996 as a graphics arts task force that was formed to develop a document containing guidelines and recommendations that could be used as a reference source across the industry for quality color printing, which is also known as the GRACoL Standard. G7 was developed by the IDEAlliance and the GRACoL committee and is named for its gray scale calibration technique and the 7 ISO ink colors it requires.


“Why Don’t the Proofs Match the Final Printed Piece?”

One of the biggest challenges facing the printing industry was the outpouring complaint that the proofs a customer is signing off for approval do not accurately match the final printed piece. Pressman faced the constant challenge of making adjustments on press to try and match the proofs which lead to longer make ready times, larger waste of paper and materials and increased costs to produce a job.

The GRACoL Standard is a worldwide standard for proofing that ensures that the press matches to the proof. This GRACoL standard is the target for the output proofing device to achieve.

A GRACoL Profile proof is in nearly perfect gray balance, which can be measured, repeated, and controlled. This standard proofing strategy is important in an environment where Photography, prepress and artwork scans from a variety of sources must conform to a common print method.

“Branding Consistency is Paramount”

The use of GRACoL improves the quality of the final printed product and prevents variations in color clarity and sharpness. Consistency across printing platforms is what sets G7 Master Printers apart from the industry. This allows for better control of the printed piece and a more sustainable approach to printing.

“Accurate, Predictable, Consistent Color”

Drummond Press is proud to be in a select group of printers of only 22 certified master printers in the state of Florida that have earned this distinction. Graphic Communications Corp (a division of Drummond Press) is proud to be in a select group of only 20 certified master printers in the state of Georgia.