Are you doing the necessary forensics to determine how to cut costs, increase efficiency, forecast results, and improve outcomes?

Drummond’s Impressio division is the cornerstone of our focus on Brand Optimization. Built on a solid foundation of Lean Six Sigma guidelines and intelligent automation principles, Impressio delivers deep forensic insights to ensure optimal performance across all aspects of Brand Delivery. Whether our clients are searching for Brand continuity, liberation from costs, increased customer retention, or the elimination of waste, Impressio can make it easy to transform your Brand Journey.
Our team of developers works with each client to create a solution that fits. Impressio knows the ins and outs of the industry, it understands the demands of the market, and it optimizes the solution so it is tailored to your individual needs.

Choose Impressio to build a better Brand Journey

Save money on print spend with impressio

Guaranteed Savings

The Impressio process saves companies 24% on average. In just 30 days, we will provide a forensic assessment for you — one which other companies charge $25K to $50K for. Our fee is 1% of your total print spend — and if we don’t identify at least a 10% savings on your print spend without changing vendors, we will give you the report at no charge. That’s how confident we are about our ability to improve your brand journey.

Impressio Delivers:

  • Automation strategies that increase ROI
  • Better forensic insight into real costs
  • Innovation that liberates Marketing funds to stimulate growth