Partnership: Valpak

Any great Corporation can trace its roots back to a handful of business opportunities and relationships. These “moments in time” helped catapult these organizations to the heights that they would later enjoy. Drummond is no different. In the early 1970’s Seaboard Coastline (now doing business as CSX Transportation) honored Drummond with a Print Management contract, thereby allowing us to manage most all of their printing needs. Later, in the mid ‘80s we performed similar services for Barnett Bank. At the time they were the largest Bank in the State of Florida and have since rolled up into what today is Bank of America. However, in terms of a business relationship that has facilitated Drummond’s entry into many new product lines and services none have matched that of ValPak. A Cox Company, known for their “Blue Envelope”, this direct mail coupon giant mails to over 40 million households a year. Since 2000, we have become both a primary vendor to their corporate needs, as well as a preferred partner for the their franchisee’s solo mail needs. Helping us design our first inkjet lines in 2004, we have grown those services to the point that we handle approximately 50 million pieces of mail in addition to what we do for ValPak. We even customized flat sheet and web presses in order to create more inline efficiencies and become a market leader in their insert programs.
We are thankful for this partnership and will always be grateful for having had the opportunity to be associated with this organization.

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