For a PDF to be considered print ready, it should:

  1. Match the specs that the job is quoted for.
  2. Be set to the appropriate color space  and have spot colors set appropriately.
  3. Have proper bleed allowances.
  4. Should be saved as high resolution or a resolution that is acceptable to the client.
  5. Should have all fonts embedded or outlined.
  6. Should include necessary die lines, set as an overprinting spot color, and have pages fitting into the die in the proper orientation once it is cut.
  7. Not have object too close to the trim or gutter (at least .25 inch margin on books or large flat items and .125 inch minimum on business cards or smaller flat items).
  8. Set as single pages, not spreads, on books.

Link to Preparation Checklist for Print Ready Files

To download Drummond presets for Adobe products, click the button below.


Remember that using these presets does not fix items that have not been taken care of in the document initially. See below for how our settings are configured within Adobe InDesign.