Rethinking the way you print
A major Regional Hospital wanted to increase Emergency Room visits. The plan was to launch a multi-media campaign leveraging direct mail, outdoor and radio in order to bring awareness around a 30 minute or less wait time experience.
In regards to the direct mail portion, Drummond was asked to help select data as well as provide the fulfillment services needed to distribute a free First Aid Kit to respondents.
Drummond began by creating an Online Landing page that respondents could reach from Personalized URLs (PURLs) that were imaged on the mailer, as well as the Hospital’s Homepage. We then weighed the cost and determined the most cost effective shipping avenue for these kits was USPS. The mailing strategy was to do 3 waves of 40,000 self-mailers to targeted addresses. We first took all addresses within a 10 mile radius, and then made the balance of the addresses up by taking in residential areas to the east and west. We opted to exclude the north and south due to competing hospitals in those areas.
The result was an overwhelming success. In fact, responses were so high that the first wave of mail depleted the inventory of First Aid kits. As part of our measurement process, there were two key indicators as to how successful our part in the campaign was. First, the Hospital reported more than doubling their campaign goals. In addition, surveys showed that more than 95% of those asked reported having heard about the program through the direct mail campaign, and not the other media outlets.