3 Questions Retailers Should Ask before Revamping Their Storefront

Exterior signage can greatly impact the success (or failure) of any retail brick-and-mortar store. In fact, according to a University of Cincinnati Economic Center study, about 60% of businesses reported that changing or enhancing the design of their exterior retail store design had a positive impact on sales.
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“There’s no question that attention-grabbing signage has the power to pick up new customers and get business moving. Effective signage is not limited to the front door. It encompasses everything from in-store materials, to car clings, to posters and banners.”

Randy Scarborough, vice president of Marketing for FedEx Office 

The exterior design of any retail space represents two key opportunities for the retailer: (1) to convey information about what’s inside the store, and (2) to create or reinforce a perception about the business. And, in the age of omnichannel retail, eCommerce, and mobile shopping, brick-and-mortar stores have to fight harder than ever to stay relevant amidst an increasingly competitive retail landscape. But… before any retailer dives into the retail storefront design process, they should consider these questions first:

Question #1 | Who are my customers? Why do they like my brand?

Most retail stores have a broad understanding of who their customers are. However, understanding target audience of the business on a more granular level is a crucial first step in revamping the retail storefront. Age, demographics, common interests, purchasing patterns, etc. are all ways to step outside of what leaders think the brand can/should attract and step into what their brand actually attracts. Once business owners have a more thorough understanding of this concept, they’ll have more insight into what elements of their visual merchandising they should play up and what elements they should leave out.


Question #2 | What is my brand now?

When undergoing a retail store front redesign, retail businesses will need to get a clear picture of what customers see in the brand right now. Doing basic market research (ie: What words do customers associate with my brand?/Why do they come into this store/What is this store known for?/etc.) can help provide a foundation for strategic planning.

This research will always be an ongoing process. What one brand meant to its customers ten years ago is not necessarily what it means to customers now. Moreover, how consumers interact with brands now is certainly not the same way they interacted with the brand ten years ago:

By understanding who the customers are, what they think and feel about the brand, and how they interact with the brand, retailers can take a data-driven approach to articulating the right message through their storefront.

Question #3 | What do I want my brand to communicate (and what are my options)?

Once retailers have all of the necessary information and data points established, they can start thinking through changes to store exterior elements. To begin this process, retailers should consider:

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Depending on the brand’s look and feel, there are a number of elements that retailers can incorporate in their exterior store design:

Using a mixture of these signage elements can help retailers properly position themselves in the minds of their customers while standing out from the competition. If you’re a retailer that is considering a storefront redesign, contact Drummond to transform your ideas into reality with our web-to-print solutions and wide-format printing capabilities.

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