On January 15th, 2018 Drummond completed a transaction to acquire Sunbelt.  This is Drummond’s third transaction in the Atlanta market, following the purchase of Graphic Communications Corporation in 2012, and the print division of RGI in 2015. This investment positions Drummond as the most actively expanding commercial printer in the Atlanta market, and signifies the company’s continued commitment to advancing its print solutions for its growing customer base. The terms of this acquisition are not disclosed.


Q: Who is Sunbelt?
A: Founded in 1991 by Richard Dukes, Sunbelt has proudly served the printing and marketing needs of the Atlanta community — offering programs in print management, distribution and fulfillment, direct mail, and custom design.  The company has thrived by meeting the needs of loyal customers and dedicated employees.

Q: Where is Sunbelt located?
A: The Company is located in Marietta, GA.

Q: What are the main benefits of this transaction?
A: This deal enhances Drummond’s print solutions offering to customers, and supports the company’s strategic business growth:
Drummond’s core business will be strengthened through:

Benefits for All Customers:

Benefits for Our Suppliers: A goal of this acquisition is to add more value to our suppliers by continuing to grow the volume of offset print, digital, wide format, fulfillment, direct mail, and promotional products business that we generate year over year.

About Drummond’s Growth Strategy

Q: How does this acquisition align with Drummond’s growth strategy?
A: Our core values call Drummond to be fiscally conservative, while always striving for excellence and innovative solutions. This investment demonstrates our desire to grow our print operation in a manner and scale that benefits our clients and the company. Drummond continually strives to provide the most innovative and unique print management solutions in the industry, and the addition of technology and equipment from Sunbelt’s print production business does just that.

Q: Will Drummond seek to acquire other companies?
A: Yes, Drummond is recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the print industry. This growth will be fed through an active acquisition strategy coupled with double-digit, year-over-year organic growth.

Q: What is Drummond doing to grow its business organically?
A: Drummond continues to hire new print management experts and sales representatives that bring a wide variety of industry experience to our growing team.  We make significant investments in training and development programs for our customer-facing team.  We also partner with a growing number of “Best in Class” providers to enhance the breadth and quality of products that we offer.

About Impact on Business Operations

Q: What impact will Sunbelt customers feel as a result of this strategic agreement?
A: Our goal is for this transition to be seamless for all customers. Initially, Sunbelt customers will be notified by the receipt of a welcome packet with a customer profile, information on Drummond and contact details for additional questions or support.  Long-term, Sunbelt customers will have the opportunity to consult with their sales person for a wider variety of innovative products and solutions to optimize their branded material supply chain.

Q: Who should Sunbelt customers contact for print services needs?
A: Drummond and Sunbelt have worked hand-in-hand to ensure a smooth transition for all customers. Customers can contact their current sales representatives for more information on this announcement, as well as for any print needs moving forward. We will continue to communicate any additional updates to all customers moving forward.

Q: Is Drummond acquiring any Sunbelt employees as part of the deal?
A: Yes, 28 Sunbelt employees will join Drummond, effective January15th, 2018. This augments our existing team of product experts, production team members, sales, and customer service support.

Q: How will Sunbelt operate within Drummond?
A: Sunbelt will continue to operate its Marietta, GA manufacturing operation.

Q: Will there be any impact on pricing or contracts in place?
A: No, there will be no changes to pricing or contracts as a result of the transaction.

Q: Will credit line change for Sunbelt customers?
A: There will be no changes to credit terms at this time.