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Due to projected inclement weather related to Hurricane Dorian, we’re informing our valued clients that Drummond has activated our Business Continuity Plan.

We have been closely monitoring Hurricane Dorian, which has just passed Puerto Rico and is headed NNE towards Florida’s Eastern coastline. Current modeling has the storm making landfall south of Jacksonville, closer to Melbourne on Monday morning as a Category 3 Hurricane.

Though current projections would suggest that Drummond’s operations will not be affected by closures or loss of power, we will remain vigilant. As part of Drummond’s Business Continuity Plan, we are preparing for all eventualities.  We expect that these preparations will allow us to meet all our clients’ expectations while remaining committed to the safety and well-being of our Team Members. We have initiated internal processes to allow work to be shifted from our Jacksonville Division to our Atlanta or Detroit facilities, if the need arises. In the unlikely event that any client would be adversely affected, we will reach out directly to the client with a disposition at the earliest possible time.

We will continue to track the storm and provide updates as the storm gets closer to landfall. 

Track Hurricane Dorian’s path here.

Image Source: Weather.com