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How Omnichannel Marketing Drives Revenue

Omnichannel marketing campaigns deliver a seamless customer journey across all marketing channels and touchpoints.

Personalization at Scale: What is an Omnichannel Marketing Campaign?

Did you know that if your budgets were set pre-inflation, you actually have roughly 8.2% less spend than you think? In a climate where budgets are stretched thinner than ever before, marketing professionals are expected to get creative but with fewer resources.

So how do you maximize the limited funds that you do have when you’re looking for long-term growth? Ideally, you’d find a solution that’s both thorough and valuable in the long run without requiring extensive maintenance costs and hidden expenses…that’s where an omnichannel retail campaign comes in.

Definition of Omnichannel Marketing

An omnichannel marketing campaign delivers a seamless customer experience across all marketing channels. This leads to a consistent brand experience that meets customers where they are at both online and offline touchpoints, including social media, email, and in-store promotion to name a few.

Omnichannel shoppers who were once in the minority now dominate the consumer sphere – retailers who only sell through one touchpoint are missing out on 30% of sales. These consumers are defined by the interactions and purchases they make across channels such as digital and in-store, and they’re often hailed as the most profitable and valuable category of customers.

Multichannel Campaigns vs. Omnichannel Campaigns

You may have also heard of a multichannel campaign or multichannel strategy, and though they sound alike, they are not the same. The key differentiator between the two isn’t necessarily in their execution, but their overall approach.

Omnichannel Campaigns

Multichannel Campaigns:

Reframing your strategy in this way leads you towards a more meaningful relationship with your audience that will drive customer retention and engagement, brand recognition, and a dynamic journey between your brand and your customers. This means long-term revenue gains, greater data to drive continued growth, and a stronger brand identity that will only improve with time.

Benefits of an Omnichannel Campaign

Omnichannel Campaign Benefit #1 - A more enjoyable customer experience

According to Salesforce, 52% of customers expect offers to be personalized 100% of the time. With a traditional multichannel campaign, marketers tend to design promotional materials for each given platform.

But by tailoring your strategy to your customers’ problems and needs before adapting it across touchpoints, you create a much more resonant message and experience.

Omnichannel Campaign Benefit #2 - More consistent brand identity + strategy

When you communicate across all touchpoints, consistency is key in order for your audience to recognize and remember you. Through the development of an omnichannel retail campaign, your brand image, tone, voice, and overall identity become more cohesive and memorable.

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Omnichannel Campaign Benefit #3 - More ROI on marketing efforts

Research shows that customers who engage across several touchpoints are often 30% more valuable. With rising inflation and a potential recession on the horizon, it’s more important than ever to make the marketing dollars you do have count. With an omnichannel campaign, you make each touchpoint and component of your campaign more valuable. Increased loyalty and deeper engagements lead to a higher return, meaning you make the most of your thinning budget.

With rising inflation and a potential recession on the horizon, it’s more important than ever to make every cent of your marketing budget count. According to research conducted by Marketing Evolution, customers who engage across several touchpoints offer up to 30% more value. Why? Because with more customer touchpoints comes greater brand recall. Greater recall increases the likelihood that a customer converts. And more conversions means more ROI.

Omnichannel Campaign Benefit #4 - Higher customer engagement and retention rates

Data suggests that omnichannel marketing works – omnichannel shoppers spend somewhere between 50% and 300% more than traditional shoppers, according to Worldpay research.

The purchase rate of omnichannel campaigns is 287% higher than single-channel campaigns, and businesses that use omnichannel strategies achieve 91% greater year-on-year customer retention.

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Omnichannel Campaign Benefit #5 - More accurate attribution of marketing efforts

On average, a customer will communicate with a brand over 10 different channels – keeping track of where you’re reaching them most effectively can get muddied quite easily, especially if those touchpoints aren’t at all connected.

An effective marketing attribution strategy makes it simple and straightforward to determine where customers are finding you and where you’re seeing the most ROI on your marketing spend. The interwovenness of an omnichannel marketing campaign tells you where they’re coming from, where they’re going, and maybe most importantly where their conversions are happening.

Omnichannel Campaign Benefit #6 - Improved brand visibility

The average consumer sees 10,000 ads per day – but the amount they retain and recall is barely a fraction of that. Here’s what it takes to get consumers to actually commit a brand to their memory:

  • 5 views to read an ad
  • 10 views to remember an ad
  • 20+ views to convert


With an omnichannel retail campaign, you’re reaching the same audience over and over again to nurture their memory – considering what their journey really looks like can drive more meaningful repeated interactions with customers.

Purchases on omnichannel are 250% more frequent than on single channels – showing that customers are heavily influenced by the repeated interactions provided by omnichannel campaigns.

Omnichannel Campaign Benefit #7 - Greater collaboration across departments

Building the customer journey of an omnichannel campaign requires data, customer insight, and careful planning. Marketers can simplify the campaign planning process through collaboration with other customer-facing teams within the company.

For example, customer success and / or service delivery teams have first-hand knowledge of the challenges customers face. Sales teams understand how customers move through the buying process. Each of these teams have unique insight if asked the right questions. By collaborating with these teams, you can maximize the impact of your omnichannel campaign.

Get Noticed with Omnichannel Marketing

In today’s multi-channel marketing landscape, your potential customers see thousands of advertisements each day – on their phones, in their mailboxes, on billboards, and a million other touchpoints. For marketers fighting for just seconds of attention, today’s challenge isn’t about getting seen… it’s about getting noticed.

Getting noticed is no easy feat… but one thing is for sure: getting noticed starts and ends with the customer experience. And that’s what omnichannel marketing is really all about.

Solving your customers’ problems isn’t just an important component of your business – it’s the very heart of it. And to solve those problems – where they happen, when they happen – you can’t just reach your customers, you have to truly speak to them and leave a lasting impression.

Omnichannel campaigns keep your brand top of mind with customers by offering a personalized, consistent experience that makes it easier to engage with your business. And alongside that engagement, omnichannel retail campaigns generate a ton of useful data that you can use to perfect your marketing approach moving forward.

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